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About iBasketballRules

A tool for systematic learning

This app integrates all resources for learning rules efficiently

Smart Integration

The interpretations, quizzes, and clips are integrated according to each article which makes the users easy to learn.

Up-to-date Information

After FIBA updates the rules or interpreations, this app will also update the information as soon as possible.

Strong Knowledge Provider

We have more than 10 FIBA referees, commissioners, and instructors as our knowledge providers.


Update Forever

Just purchase once, get updated information forever.


More than 500 quizzes in our database help users pass the written test.

Multiple Languages

In addition to English, we have 日本語, 한국어, français, русский, and ไทย support.

Clips in Official Games

All clips are from official games in FIBA


You can test your knowledge about basketball rules in our app.

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